L.E. Bendon author photo
 L. E. Bendon was born in 1983 and wishes Terry Pratchett were still not dead.

He had built quite a satisfying life for himself up until 2020 when it was suddenly on hold for reasons we can all remember. During this period he found himself gathering a lot of information and advice on how to write a novel and make people want to read it for the benefit of his mother who seemed keen to have a go. It wasn't long before he decided to follow this advice himself, and see if this foray into literature might slowly take over his re-emerging life. 

In creating irreverent detective Lance Pomegranate, along with his friends, associates and acquaintances, Bendon took to writing a mix of what he knows, what he's merely read about, and a few ideas he just likes.

L.E. Bendon lives in London but rarely sleeps there. He is as easily recognisable in person as Mr Pomegranate, and for the same distinction, though it is the only trait they have in common. All of his previous published work has been sheet music. He speaks a few languages well enough not to be confused or misled while abroad, though not well enough to translate his own books just yet. He loves cats but really prefers tortoises.

He hasn't settled on what L.E. stands for. It is just a pen name after all. Perhaps he'll give a different response each time he is asked, always choosing names that are significant to him. For now it can be Lunchtime Euclid.